Thursday, April 8, 2010

Women's History Fair - April 10, 2010 - Participating Groups

Today, tomorrow, and Saturday, this blog will feature the over 20 historical and cultural groups participating in this Saturday, April 10th's, Women's History Fair at the Central Branch, Vancouver Public Library. This event is presented by the Women's History Network of BC and is co-sponsored by the Vancouver Public Library, Special Collections Department, the Herstory Cafe and the Vancouver Courier newspaper.

Participating groups include the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC, the West Kootenay Women's Association, the Philippine Women's Centre of BC and the BC Genealogical Society. For the full list of groups, see the Women's History of BC website.

The Jewish Museum & Archives of British Columbia will be showcasing Jewish women who have made contributions to BC history since 1858 to the present. The display includes historical photos, memoirs, publications, and teacher’s resources on Jewish history and immigration. Jewish Museum & Archives website:

The West Kootenay Women's Association's display includes a guided presentation of their new website: featuring a 2nd Wave Feminism Time Line. Also available will be paper copies of IMAGES, the Kootenay Women's Newspaper 1973-1991. West Kootenay Women's Assn. website:

The Philippine Women’s Centre of BC is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. The Fair display includes information on the Centre and the women from one of Vancouver’s largest visible minority communities.
Philippine Women's Centre of BC website:

The BC Genealogical Society features a display on “Researching Female Ancestors” with photographs and artifacts and two themed displays – WW1 War Brides and World War II Canadian Women’s Army Corps members. Handouts will be available on researching women & there will be a laptop slide show on researching women. BCGS website:

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