Thursday, November 4, 2010

Room Magazine - Past and Present

I just received my copy of the latest Room Magazine. Had my first browse through and I'm really looking forward to reading all of this issue - the theme is 'Past and Present'. The fiction writers included are Pearl Luke. Tracy Oliver, Lorrie Miller, Kristin Andrychuk, Jann Everard, Heather Debling and Valerie Laub, and the poets, Jan Wood, Adele Graf, Sandy Pool, Elena E. Johnson, Janet Hepburn, Lesley Washington, Lauren Carter, Bronwen McRae and Lesley Pasquin. And there's more...

This issue includes a thank you to the Women's History Network of BC (WHN/BC) as Room Magazine was one of the participants in WHN/BC's Women's History Fair earlier this year. Thanks for the thanks, Room!

And I noticed that two of my genealogy friends are mentioned, Lorraine Irving who gives cemetery tours at Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver and Celia Lewis who teaches genealogy.

Room Magazine began with the Growing Room Collective in Vancouver in the 1970s and was originally called Room of One's Own - from Virginia Woolf 's writing, so Room's already made lots of history itself. It's now Canada's oldest literary journal by and about women.

To learn more about Room, this Past and Present issue, future issues, or to subscribe, go to Room Magazine's website:

Diane R

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