Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Most Significant BC Women Writers?

Alan Twigg’s new book, 150 Great B.C. Books & Authors: The Essentials, Volume 4 of his Literary History of British Columbia (Vancouver: Ronsdale Press, 2010) has raised a bit of controversy already.

Although many more women are mentioned in the text, these are the women Twigg highlights.

Margaret McNaughton
Audrey Thomas
Julia Henshaw
Pat Lowther
Martha Douglas Harris
Alice Munro
Agnes Deans Cameron
Helen Akrigg
E. Pauline Johnson
Susan Musgrave
Lily Adams Beck
Terry Reksten
Irene Baird
Margaret Trudeau
Emily Carr
Anne Cameron
Dorothy Livesay
Lynne Bowen
Elizabeth Smart
Jeannette Armstrong
Ethel Wilson
Sheryl McFarlane
Gilean Douglas
Alexandra Morton
Louise Jilek-Aall
Sage Birchwater
M. Wylie Blanchet
Biruté Galdikas
Jane Rule
Irene, Hazel and Veera Witte
Christie Harris
Maria Coffey
Margaret Craven
Ivan E. Coyote
Sheila A. Egoff

Who's missing? Whose writing do you feel might not be 'really' significant to BC literary history, especially women's literary history in BC?

What might your list of significant BC women authors and books look like?

What about including more poets, historians (and publishers and bookstores)?

From the Women's History Network of British Columbia's November 2010 newsletter. See the website for a full copy.

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